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Detailed information about ATAPI devices (usually CD/DVD), transfer modes, reading features, writing features and ATAPI features.

ATAPI (usually a CD/DVD):

ATAPI Model: Vendor and name of the ATAPI device.

ATAPI Type: Device type (HDD, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, scanner, streamer, etc.) installed on the EIDE port.

Interface Type: ATAPI device interface type (Parallel ATA, Serial ATA I, Serial ATA II, Serial ATA III).

Physical Interface: Device physical interface type (ATAPI, Serial ATAPI, SCSI, USB, Fibre Channel, IEEE).

ATAPI Name: Full ATAPI name.

Vendor Specific: Any text information provide by the vendor.

CD Read Speed: Maximum read speed of your CD device (current value in brackets).

CD Write Speed: Maximum write speed of your CD device (current value in brackets).

DVD Read Speed: Current read speed of your DVD device.

DVD Write Speed: Current write speed of your DVD device.

Buffer Size: ATAPI device buffer size.

Firmware Date: ATAPI device firmware date.

Loading Mechanism: Disk loading mechanism type.

Rotation Control: Rotation control method (CLV/CAV).

Read Retry Count: Number of read retries if the first attempt fails.

Write Retry Count: Number of write retries if the first attempt fails (is important only for rewritable CDs).

Compatibility: Compatibility of the device with the certain ATA/ATAPI standard.

Serial Number: Unique ATAPI serial number.

Controller Revision: Version number returned by the IDE-controller.

Logical Drives: List of logical drives mapped to physical drive.

Command DRQ Type: Possible values - 'Microprocessor DRQ', 'Interrupt DRQ', 'Accelerated DRQ'.

Command Packet Size: Length of supported ATAPI packet (12 or 16 bytes).

Access Method:

Location: Vendor and name of ATA controller.

Device Location: Device location on the ATA controller

Transfer Modes

PIO Mode Support: PIO (Programmed Input/Output) is a way of moving data between device in a computer in which all data must pass through the processor. The higher the number is, the higher the data transfer rate is (For PIO mode 4 - 16.6 MBps).

SW DMA Mode Support: Number of the supported single word DMA mode. Active: SW DMA mode currently enabled by BIOS.

MW DMA Mode Support: DMA (Direct Memory Access) is a transfer protocol where a peripheral device transfers information directly to or from memory, without the system processor being required to perform the transaction. Apart from the previous mode, single word DMA modes can be supplanted by multiword DMA modes. Active: MW DMA mode currently enabled by BIOS.

UDMA Mode Support: Number of the UltraDMA mode. Theoretical transmission speed for UltraDMA mode 2 is 33 MB/s, mode 5 - 100 MB/s. Some chipsets don't support UltraDMA mode (for example, chipsets i430VX and lower don't support it while i440BX supports only mode 2). Active: UltraDMA mode currently enabled by BIOS.

Reading Features

  • CD-R Disk Read
  • CD-RW Disk Read
  • DVD-ROM Disk Read
  • DVD-RAM Disk Read
  • DVD-R Disk Read
  • DVD-R DL Disk Read
  • DVD-RW Disk Read
  • DVD-RW DL Disk Read
  • DVD+R Disk Read
  • DVD+R DL Disk Read
  • DVD+RW Disk Read
  • DVD+RW DL Disk Read
  • BD-ROM Disk Read
  • BD-R Disk Read
  • BD-RE Disk Read
  • HD DVD ROM Read
  • HD DVD-RAM Disk Read
  • HD DVD-R Disk Read
  • HD DVD-R DL Disk Read
  • HD DVD-RW Disk Read
  • HD DVD-RW DL Disk Read
  • Read Packet Using Method 2
  • Read Mode2 Form1 Sectors
  • Read Mode2 Form2 Sectors
  • Multisession Disk Read
  • READ-CD Command on AudioCD
  • Read Bar Code Capable
  • Read Lead-in (CD-Text)

Writing Features:

  • CD-R Disk Write
  • CD-RW Disk Write
  • DVD-RAM Disk Write
  • DVD-R Disk Write
  • DVD-R DL Disk Write
  • DVD-RW Disk Write
  • DVD+R Disk Write
  • DVD+R DL Disk Write
  • DVD+RW Disk Write
  • DVD+RW DL Disk Write
  • BD-R Disk Write
  • BD-RE Disk Write
  • HD DVD-R Disk Write
  • HD DVD-R DL Disk Write
  • HD DVD-RAM Disk Write
  • HD DVD-RW Disk Write
  • HD DVD-RW DL Disk Write
  • Test Write Mode Support
  • Buffer Underrun Protection

Other Features

  • Audio Play Support
  • CD-DA Stream is Accurate
  • Composite Audio/Video
  • Digital Output on Port 1
  • Digital Output on Port 2
  • Support Subcode R-W
  • Support Subcode R-W D&C
  • C2 Pointers Supported
  • ISRC Supported
  • UPC Supported

ATAPI Features

  • DMA Transfer: Drive support of the DMA mode
  • LBA Supported: LBA (Logical Block Addressing) - accesses make through "big" logical blocks of data
  • Block Mode: Running in a block mode. This means that more than one sector can be transferred on each interrupt; newer drives allow you to transfer as many as 16 or 32 sectors at a time
  • IORDY Support
  • IORDY may be Disabled
  • ATA Software Reset
  • Overlap Operation
  • Command Queuing
  • Interleaving DMA


See Driver page for more details.

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